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Canon EOS 1500D DSLR Camera Reviews

Canon EOS 1500D DSLR Camera Reviews


Hey, Camera lover, We like photography overall. But today we're going to talk about a budget, friendly entry-level DSLR. But is this the right entry-level DSLR for you? Here is our review of the Canon EOS 1500D. So what do you need to know about the Canon EOS were? Well, it replaces the 1300 D. It's the same exact camera except for the sensor size. This now is a 24.1-megapixel sensor. Whereas the 1300 D had an 80 Matrix attention. Now, both of these sensors are aps-c. Okay, so not full frame. Also. The sensor is not the most updated in terms of Technology as other 24 megapixel sensors can have. So, keep that in mind this has 


9 point autofocus system in this game. Capture HD video. ISO is pretty decent, has battery life, gives you up to 500 shots. So overall, it's an entry-level DSLR. Okay. Now, what are in some interesting things on this camera, first and foremost, it's the cannon feature guide that's inside of it. When you turn that dial on, the display will sort of teaching you what each mode does and will help you learn photography with the DSLR. That's basically what it's As for the button layout on the back is pretty good. Very easy, very intuitive. This has Wi-Fi, NFC inside of it. So connect to various printers smartphones and so forth. And if ceiling works with Android, oh, by the way, and you've got the intelligent scene mode, but I'm not too sure that it's that intelligent. I called the flash mode. And the reason I say that is because every time I use it, the flash goes on. 


I'm in a room is pretty well there. I don't need a flash for anything. But for intelligent mode it says, I need to flash. So is it that intelligent? So what are things? That could be improved in the camera? So funny those little plastic and it could have been materials. Even the lens feels really plastic. Is also the display on the back of it is in the most high res display out there. Yeah, it's budget-conscious and so forth. It doesn't even swoop just static Live View mode. Why do you notice really weird? It takes longer? 


They Shootin like you more than it does. Using the viewfinder, case in point. Put it on like you mode. You can see me, right? Sort of going to shoot a photo. I'm pushing the shutter button out. 


A long time to shoot one shot right now. If I use the optical viewfinder, that's how fascinating. So don't over the firmware bog. Just don't know if it's just the processing power isn't there. I don't know what it is, but I wouldn't use Live View mode to shoot anything. That's fast-moving because you will miss your shot pretty much almost every time. So conclusion. 


Would I recommend buying the Canon EOS? To be honest, as a reviewer, I could recommend this camera to she just wouldn't be right. And the reason I say this is this, I'm a big fan of Canon, they make nominal cameras class-leading. I knew they'd take some of the best images we've seen, right. This is not a representation of this to me feels like a camera where they went back to the warehouse pulled some 


He's from a you few years back, put them into a camera body, put out there in the market to sell to liquidate stock. But as a consumer, if you really budget-conscious. I would say look at other options out there. Maybe the exam. You slightly more like an 800 D or Canon 50mm or other cameras. They might have even a secondhand DSLR from Canon. Your money can go a lot longer in the cameras going to last you a lot longer in terms of Technology image quality is so poor. This to me is a camera is going to last you a couple months Max before you want to get into something else and then they can try to sell it. You're not going to get a lot of money. 


So for me to you don't waste your money on. This spend a little bit more on a better quality, Canon camera, and you will be more than happy with the results. Anyway, that's my thoughts on the Canon 1500 D. 

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Canon EOS 1500D DSLR Camera Reviews
Canon EOS 1500D DSLR Camera Reviews
  • Sep 30, 2021